This website is very old and hasn't been updated in a while as you can probably tell. If you'd like to get in touch with me, please send me a message. Thanks!


In a nutshell, my name is Daniel Procter and I was born in North Yorkshire where I have lived all my life on a small farm called Marlfield Farm right on the border of Lancashire and North Yorkshire. I went to school at Thornton In Craven CP School and then Ermysted's Grammar School, Skipton where I obtained my GCSEs and A-Levels. After school, I then went to Nottingham University where I achieved a First Class Honours BSc degree in "E-Commerce and Digital Business" which provided all the technical foundations required to become a full time web- and systems- developer, which is where I am at now.

When I am not working, I enjoy playing the guitar, making the most of the countryside, travelling and photography. In 2007 I treated myself to a decent Canon 400D Digital SLR camera and in 2008 I treated myself to a Sony SR210E camcorder which I take with me everywhere just in case the opportunity arises for a decent photo! Even when one does come along, sadly it rarely results in a decent photo being taken! In Countryfile's Photo Competition 2007, I entered a couple of photos but there was no sign of any of them even on the table let alone getting a mention - I wasn't really surprised! You can see some examples of my photos and videos in my album.

I do also enjoy making websites and dabbling with the latest technologies that the web has to offer in order to produce something that a web visitor might find useful or entertaining. The line between a desktop application and a website is becoming more and more blurred with technologies such as web services and XML, the universal language of systems, so in my opinion it is difficult for somebody to consider themselves a web developer but not a systems developer these days. Although my strongest expertise lies with PHP and associated technologies, I have also done small project work with C#.NET and Adobe AIR.

Having said all this, which in my opinion sounds a bit robotic, I like to consider myself as a bit more than just a web monkey as I do have a passion and respect for nature. My rural upbringing on a small farm in Yorkshire, where nature and conservation have always been at the forefront of the the way it is managed, has led to a strong appreciation for and love of the countryside. In summer 2008 I attended several courses on wildlife identifaction including butterflies, grasses, beetles and dragonflies all of which were very interesting! I also love travelling; having spent a month travelling around Egypt in 2006, I will also be travelling off to Aregentina and Chile in January 2009 which I am very excited about! Greece is a particular favourite of mine as it provides the ideal setting to completely unwind and relax in a small taverna with a bottle of Mythos while watching the sun go down!

That's me in a nutshell! If you would like to get in touch, feel free to use the contact page at the top :)