Here is a selection of projects that I have compelted. This list is by no means exhaustive so if you would like more information on my other projects, please feel free to contact me!


Utilising social media and built with jQuery and jQuery UI, this very popular stock market service allows you to be notified whenever a company listed on the London Stock Exchange releases a news story (RNS). Alerts are sent out by email, twitter (direct message) or SMS text message directly to your mobile phone!


Discuss The Market

Another popular website allows private investors to discuss the issues affecting any company listed on the London Stock Exchange while viewing the latest posts streamed from popular bulletin boards. Note this site has nothing to do with meercats! The simple site interface is built with jQuery and jQuery UI. Best viewed during trading hours 8am - 4.30pm!


ACORNdealer / ACORNpartner

Commercial international e-commerce and partner websites developed for ACORN Stairlifts for use by trade clients for all things lifts including the buying of lifts and / or parts, reward schemes, marketing material and the tracking of referrals (ACORNpartner) submitted to the company by partners.


Watch (and listen to) the daily lives of sheep, hens, squirrels and more around the clock on this live streaming webcam community website. It uses AJAX and weather APIs to handle a chat interface and automated day / night style changes.


Media Market

Media Market is a simple shopping website that also utilises the Amazon UK ECS Web Service and presents the information on Amazon products in a simple concise directory, adding value by also pulling DVD and video game product trailers from YouTube.


Bargain Bits

My first ever attempt at a website that uses Amazon ECS and other APIs and as a result is the most comprehensive, using S.E.O. techniques combined with user activity to ensure popular search information is kept automatically up-to-date.