PDF Conversion / Generation Capability In Your App!

Posted by Dan on 02 Mar 2010 12:19:24

Do you fit into the following situation? You could really use PDF conversion / generation capability in your website, application or system but you don't have the software to enable this. If this is your situation, then my latest API function should be able to solve your problem!

This simple yet versatile function gives you the power to convert almost any kind of document or data into PDF. It has already been used to successfully convert Word Documents into PDF, photos into PDFs, even Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into PDF! Despite all this power, it has to be one of the simplest functions you could ever implement in your code: it takes a single input and returns a single output! The input is a base 64 encoded string of the data you wish to convert into PDF while the output is a base 64 encoded string of the PDF data! It really is as simple as that. Do with it what you will!

What's the catch? Well I wouldn't call it a catch as such, more of a necessity. Due to the popularity of this API function, I have had to make it a "Key" only function, which means you need an API key to make the call. But don't worry! To get your key, simply contact me with information about your intended use of this function. If your intended use is commercial or heavy, then there may be a charge for using it but this depends very much on your individual circumstances. The reason for this is because the function uses quite significant processing power on my server so if you are going to be making frequent calls, or making money from this service, I feel it only fair that there should be a contribution towards my running costs!

To get your API key, simply contact me!

View the function specification here!

For an example implementation of this API function, try my free online PDF generator.