How To Make Money On The Internet

Posted by Dan on 09 Oct 2008 00:42:32

Did you know you can make money on the Internet on your website even if you aren't actually selling anything? There are actually quite a few ways of earning money via your website and this article explains a few of them.

Method One: Sponsored Ads
You may or may not have noticed but many sites you come across have a section of adverts to external sites, often in the form of a banner, a square or a vertical "skyscraper". These are what is known as "Sponsored Ads" and a good example of their use is with "Google Adsense". If one of these ads is clicked, the website which is displaying them will receive revenue from that click. Earning money this way is very simple and quick - all that is required is that you insert a small bit of code onto your page where you want to display the ads and the issuer, in this case Google, does the rest. The ads it places on your site are relevant according to your website conent. For more information on Google Adsense and signing up to the system, click here.

Method Two: Affiliates
You can also earn money by becoming an affiliate of companies who are selling products which relate to your website content. For example, if your website is a photo gallery portfolio, you could become a Jessops affiliate. By placing some Jessops affiliate links on your site, you will be paid commission by Jessops for anyone who clicks through your links and who then goes on to make an order. There are various different types of affiliate links and some retailers will pay you "per lead" such as the example described above, while other retailers will pay you "per click", which means that you get paid whenever someone clicks through your affiliate link. If you want to get started with affiliates, I recommend checking out some affiliate marketing websites which manage the whole procedure for you. I recommend Trade Doubler or Commission Junction.

Couldn't be easier! For more information, please don't hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your needs in more detail. I can also offer advice on the various ways you can make money on your website.