Simple SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Posted by Dan on 09 Oct 2008 00:41:06

Here are a few simple SEO tips. This isn't intended to be an incredibly in depth article so if you are expecting an article that will tell you how to make a well-SEOd site then why not make sure your site meets Google's Webmaster Guidelines for a starting point.

Anyway, one of the first things that you need to ensure is that your site's is actually visible to Google. Why not check out Oy Oy's Spider Simulator to see what Google sees on your site. This page will show you what internal and external links that Google can see, as well as any page content.

Once you know Google is seeing your site as you intend, you need to make sure that your content is relevant and quality. If you have just ripped off somebody else's content then you are creating duplicate content, which is seen as a bad thing in Google's eyes, which makes sense really.

Once you have a site that has quality and relavent content, you then need to ensure that it is designed so that google knows what is important content and what is not. By using text HTML elements such as P, H1, H2 etc strategically, you will be telling Google about the semantics of your website - telling it about the content, so it knows where to consider keywords etc.

From a design point of view that's essentially it. The next thing you need to do is get links to your site from other sites, and preferably from sites with a high page rank. The more links to your site the better, as Google will think that your site is more important if it has more links to it.

If you would like some SEO tips, feel free to contact me, or, failing that, just do a simple Google search for SEO and you will find tonnes of articles.

One thing to be aware of: and that is sites that claim to boost your traffic and ask you to pay extortionate fees for their SEO services. These sites will often use under-hand, or "black hat" SEO strategies that could often lead to you getting banned from a particular search engine.

Which leads me onto the next point: don't overdo SEO. If you over-optimise your site, for example, by using keyword stuffing in H1 elements, then you could also end up banned from search engines.

In summary then, the good rule of thumb to follow is that SEO is simple - if you have a good website, then it will automatically be SEO'd!